Freight Radio - January 2013

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January 3 - It's A Long Road by The Tuttles with AJ Lee
January 4 - Slims Sweet Mama Blues by Sourdough Slim
January 5 - Watch That Dog by Andre Thierry
January 6 - Matter of Time by Jim Bruno
January 6 - The Devil in my Ear by Maurice Tani
January 6 - The High Above And The Down Below by Cliff Eberhardt
January 9 - Cotillion/Chatagnier by David Greely
January 9 - Wayne Perry by Eric & Suzy Thompson
January 10 - If I Had Wings by Wendy Burch Steel
January 11 - Fine Artiste Blues by Cheap Suit Serenaders
January 12 - This Fire by John McCutcheon
January 13 - Grown Men Don't Cry by Steve Seskin
January 13 - Surprise, Surprise by Craig Carothers
January 13 - I've Done My Time On Maple Drive by Don Henry
January 16 - I'll Just Lie About It by Celia Ramsay
January 17 - Dear Someone by Red Molly
January 18 - Take Me Down by Ellis Paul
January 19 - Some Days by Lou & Peter Berryman
January 20 - Affinity Minus One by Mariah Parker
January 21 - My Old Man by Bharathi Palivela & Daniel Fabricant
January 23 - The 9:30 Pint by Chuck Brodsky
January 23 - Whatever Comes by Tim Flannery
January 24 - Train Long Gone by Claire Lynch
January 25 - The Long Way Home by Hot Club of Cow Town
January 26 - Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) by Turtle Island Quartet
January 27 - Cinderella's Fella by David Grisman Sextet
January 30 - Five Rode Up To Phoenix by Jody Stecher
January 31 - Now Wrestlin Winds by Jim Malcolm

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