Art at the Freight

The work of Zoë Boston is currently on display in the Freight’s lobby gallery.

Zoë Boston is an award winning, multifaceted artist who has been creating since youth and uses her voice in song as well as visual arts. Zoë has been drawing for as long as she can remember but did not begin painting until she returned to the West Coast in 2014. Of West African descent, born in Los Angeles and raised in Upstate NY, she now resides in the Oakland Bay Area. Zoë is dedicated to being authentic, which in turn, transforms her work into visual and sonic waves of passion expressed on walls and canvas, as well as through music and movement. Zoë’s inspirations come from God, life, love, music, the amplification of the underserved voices, and the journeys that connect them all. In her emerging career, this Emmy Accredited artist was also selected to exhibit her work at the prestigious De Young museum in the height of the Pandemic in 2020. Zoë has also exhibited with Macy’s Union Square, The Battery Club, AOTAD, and Joyce Gordon Gallery, to name a few, and has created public and private murals that have made a positive impact in her community and in the nation. As a lead artist at The Bay Area Mural Program and also in her blossoming career, she believes there is a unique power in thriving in who you were created to be because it will permeate into everything that you do and create. Zoë continues to push her artistry in new ways that reflect her growth, her drive, and desire to be a vessel that brings light and life into this realm.

visit Zoë Boston’s website

Our lobby mural is by Adrian Arias

Adrian Arias is a descendant of the Mochica culture of ancient Peru. An international visual artist, poet, curator and cultural promoter, who brings together artists to engage in community projects with messages of social justice, racial equality, peace and beauty. Is one of the founders of MAPP (Mission Arts Performance Project) and ILLUSION show. Adrian has created several murals in the Bay Area, commissioned by The Luggage Store Gallery, Google, and other institutions. He uses his dreams as creative initiatives, which he brings to life in performances and community projects like Tarot in Pandemic and Revolution. 

visit the Adrian Arias website