Bioneers Presents a Double-Bill: Chris Pierce and the Local Honeys

Bioneers is proud to present a great double-bill concert featuring one of the nation’s leading “engaged” singer/songwriter/musicians, Chris Pierce, and a truly exciting duo from Kentucky, The Local Honeys, poised to become not only leading artists in their home state but defining voices of a new Appalachia.

This concert is presented as part of the 35th Annual Bioneers Conference, taking place March 28-30 in Berkeley. The Bioneers Conference is the ultimate gathering of movement leaders and champions of ideas and initiatives that have the power to create a brighter, healthier, and more just future. Join us at Bioneers 2024, where we’ll share what we’ve learned, link arms, nourish our hearts and vision, and align ourselves to prevail for the long haul.