Health & Safety

Health and Safety at the Freight & Salvage


  • Masks are no longer required but strongly encouraged.
  • Masks will be provided to patrons who request them.
  • Proof of vaccination is no longer required.
  • Food & Drink are allowed inside the Listening Room and can also be enjoyed in the lobby.
  • Please follow all posted guidelines and on site signage, as well as any verbal instructions from event staff.
  • Specific events may still have artist requested masking requirements. Please check event listings for requirements.

Policies are subject to change as necessary and as determined by the CDC and local health department officials.

Refunds & Exchanges
If you are unable to attend a performance for a reason related to COVID-19, please contact our Ticket Office to arrange a refund or exchange, as appropriate.

What additional safety protocols has the Freight put in place?

  • Upgraded HVAC system to bring in 100% outside air seven times per hour and ensure the cleanest air possible. 
  • Installed MERV-13 air filters, in adherence with CDC recommendations. 
  • Contactless ticket scanning and purchasing wherever possible. Social distancing is encouraged in all areas of the venue.
  • HEPA filters in areas with lower air flow (backstage, restrooms, classrooms). Hand sanitizer stations throughout the venue.
  • Enclosed box office area.
  • Extra ushers available to assist with traffic flow in the lobby, concessions area, bathrooms, and elevator.
  • Instituted CDC-recommended cleaning practices before, during, and after shows, particularly cleaning of “high touch” surfaces.